Medical Plan



The medical plan is designed to provide employees and their enrolled dependents with access to quality health care that is comprehensive and cost-conscious.  Employees may choose health care coverage from three Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois (BCBSIL) medical plan options:

  • Medical Health Savings Account Plan (Medical HSA Plan)
  • Standard Preferred Provider Organization (Standard PPO)
  • Premier Preferred Provider Organization (Premier PPO)

All three medical plan options provide employees access to the national BlueCard PPO network, which is one of the largest national networks of doctors, hospitals and treatment facilities.


Prescription Drug Plan



Participation in one of the medical plan options provides employees automatic prescription drug coverage through CVS/Caremark.

With CVS/Caremark, employees have access to over 7,800 CVS/pharmacy stores nationwide.  Prescriptions can also be obtained from licensed non-CVS pharmacies such as Walgreens, Rite Aid, etc.


Dental Plan



We offer dental coverage through the Delta Dental Preferred Provider Organization (PPO), which is similar to a medical PPO.  

Under the Delta Dental PPO, employees have two options: the Comprehensive PPO Option or Basic PPO Option. Services covered under both the Comprehensive Plan and Basic Plan include:

  • Preventive/Diagnostic — including periodic exams, certain x-rays, and cleanings
  • Basic — fillings, root canal therapy for anterior and bicuspids, periodontal treatment, and extractions

Services only covered under the Comprehensive Plan include:

  • Major — crowns and dentures, molar root canal, osseous surgery, partial and full bone impactions, crown-lengthening and core build-up
  • Orthodontia — corrective dentistry for children and adults

VIsion Plan



We offer vision coverage through Vision Service Plan (VSP). Through VSP, employees can receive care from any vision care provider and the plan will reimburse either a portion or all of the cost.

The Plan covers one eye exam every 12 months and one pair of eyeglasses (or contact lenses) every 12 months for employees and each covered dependent, after the applicable copayment.


Work / Life



Publicis provides generous time off, and employees are encouraged to use it – whether it’s for vacation or personal reasons. All regular full-time and part-time employees are eligible for paid vacation.




We provide employees with 15 paid company holidays (link to holiday schedule).



New parent transition

We are committed to helping to ease the challenges many new parents face by offering a flexible return-to-work transition period during the first three months back on the job.


employee assistance program (EAP)

The company automatically offers an employee assistance program through Workplace Solutions at no cost to employees.  Counselors can help employees, or any member of their household address, with concerns about a range of personal or work-related matters. All discussions with an EAP counselor are completely confidential and counselors are available 24 hrs/7 days per week.


Flex Time

The Company recognizes the importance of flexible time-off based on personal needs, whether to enjoy the summer sun, observe a holiday not covered under the Company schedule, or simply to take a day for rest and relaxation. Therefore, employees are entitled to earn up to nine (9) flex days each calendar year, based on eligibility.


volunteer day

We support our employees’ efforts to help better the world by granting one paid day off each year to participate in volunteering opportunities.


adoption assistance

We provide financial assistance to employees who are adopting. Eligible employees will be reimbursed for a maximum of $10,000 for the adoption of a child.


LEgal plan (ppo)

The legal plan provides unlimited access and referrals to professional credentialed attorneys for employees, their spouse and dependents. The plan covers a wide range of commonly used legal services. 


Sick Time

We encourage employees who are sick to stay home and get well.  Employees are expected to call their manager by the start of that scheduled work day and each morning thereafter that they are unable to report to work. A doctor’s note is generally required for illnesses lasting more than three (3) days or if there is a pattern of absences.


new parent leave

We give employees a gift of two weeks of paid time off when they become a parent through birth, adoption, or placement of a foster child in their home. 


flexible work arrangements

We offer employees flexible work arrangements, which are nonstandard work arrangements, in order to provide employees the opportunity to better balance their work and home lives.




Healthy Living

Employees and their eligible dependents can register at WebMed to take a Personal Health Assessment (PHA) and access tools and information to get closer to their health. Employees and their eligible dependents can earn up to $300 in cash rewards each for taking the PHA and completion of certain healthy activities.


Health & Wellness Stipend

To help you achieve your personal health goals, the company will reimburse eligible employees up to $250 (net) annually on memberships or programs directly related to personal health.


Health Advocate Program

The company automatically offers this program at no cost to employees. The program is designed to help employees navigate and facilitate medical administrative issues in the health care system.


Income Security




All new hires (regular, salaried full-time) are automatically enrolled to defer 5% of their eligible wages until they decide to change their deferral percentage. Employees are not subject to recordkeeping or administrative fees. Access to a wide variety of Fidelity investment tools and personal advisory services is also available.

Employee Contribution – Employees are allowed to contribute up to a maximum of $18,000 for the year.

Company Matching Contribution – The company currently matches 100% of the first 3% of eligible pay contributed by the employee and 50% on the next 2%, to a maximum company-provided match of 4% of the employee’s eligible salary (capped at $265,000) per calendar year.

Employees are 100% vested in their contributions to the Plan, as well as any earnings on them. The Company’s matching contributions and any earnings vest according to the following schedule:

Years of Service:
0-1: 0%
1-2: 25%
2-3: 50%
3-4: 75%
4+: 100%


Basic employee life insurance

Employees are automatically covered by the Basic Life Insurance Plan at 1.5x their annual base salary up to a maximum of $750,000. Alternatively, an employee can opt for coverage of only $50,000 to avoid imputed income. This is a Company-paid benefit provided at no cost to the employee. 


supplemental life insurance

Employees can elect coverage from 1x to 5x their annual base salary up to a maximum $1.5 million (and up to $2,250,000 combined basic and supplemental). Elected amounts greater than 3x annual base salary or $750,000 (whichever is less) will require completion and submission of an Evidence of Insurability (EOI) form to the insurance company; may be subject to a medical exam. 


Supplmental spouse life insurance

Employees can elect spouse coverage from 1x to 5x their annual base salary up to a maximum of $300,000 or the employee’s combined basic and supplemental life insurance. Elected amounts greater than $50,000 will require the completion and submission of an Evidence of Insurability (EOI) form to the insurance company; may be subject to a medical exam. ** An employee is not eligible to be insured as a spouse**


supplemental child/ren life insurance

Child coverage can be elected in flat amounts of either $5,000 or $10,000 per child. **A child is only eligible for coverage under one spouse, and an employee is not eligible to be insured as a child**


accidental death & dismemberment insurance

Employees can purchase coverage between 1x to 5x their annual base salary to a maximum of $1,500,000 for either single or family coverage. 


short term disability insurance

Employees may be eligible to receive an STD benefit up to a maximum of 26 weeks, which includes a 7 calendar day elimination period. Employees who meet the eligibility requirement will receive 100% of their base pay, based on their length of service and approved disability. There is no cost to the employee to participate in the short term disability plan. 


Long term disability insurance

This benefit is company paid and replaces up to 40% of the employee’s base pay, with a monthly maximum benefit of $10,000 and annual base salary max of $300,000. 



Employees can elect this buy-up benefit to replace an additional 20% of pay, with a monthly maximum benefit of $15,000 per month with the core benefit. Employees earning greater than $300,000 are eligible to receive a maximum benefit of $25,000 monthly (core and supplemental combined). 


Voluntary benefits