Prioritizing Purpose


2014 was a year of change for Discovery USA. As three agencies joined under one name, we were faced with countless questions. And none were more profound or important than –

“Who are we?”

Vigorous debate ensued. Tears were spilled. Blood was shed. But in the end, we had galvanized our identity. We had found our purpose.

Everyone wants to do good work, but at DUSA, it goes beyond that. We truly want to help people. We want to “Better the World.” It’s the common bond that connects us to the work. To each other. And to the patients, doctors, and clients we serve.

We knew that “Better the World” needed to be woven into every fiber of our brand. And that started from the inside. It became a lens for how we screen and recruit new talent. Our agency newsletter, “Better by the Week” keeps our purpose top of mind. A product’s ability to truly better the world is a key consideration when evaluating new business opportunities. And it’s now a new metric for how we measure success for our clients.

As for where we’re going, this year we’re launching a new campaign called the “Better Experiment” – a social movement designed to help others build “better moments” into their everyday lives. 

The biggest learning throughout this journey is that purpose and culture are inseparable. You can say one thing, but if you’re not living it, it’ll never take hold. For now, and in the future, we’re always challenging ourselves to live "Better.”


Josh Tumelty

SVP, Executive Creative Director
Strong believer in creativity as a problem-solver. Passionate about uncovering profound human insights. Enthusiastic dad. 

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