LinkedIn - More Than A Professional Networking Site

Think having an up-to-date profile is all you need to be effective on LinkedIn? Think again… With 90 million unique visitors a month, LinkedIn is THE go-to place for professionals to get career info, updates on brands, and keep up with industry trends. It is where professionals go to invest time in their careers, which means it is an ideal time for healthcare professionals to come in contact with your company. Why not take that opportunity to elevate the brand experience on this channel as well? 

Here are some tips & tricks from LinkedIn on how to do exactly that.

1.     Tell your company’s story via the Company Page platform. Be sure to include a photo. Use the showcase pages for individual sub-brands.

2.     Expand reach by encouraging employees to optimize their profiles and engage with company page. By default, when they list that they work at your company, they will automatically become a follower of your company page. As they engage with the content on your page, it will go to their networks. Tips for your employees.

  • Create expanded professional headline, doesn’t always need to be just your job title
  • Use professional looking photo
  • Use a lot of keywords in your summary
  • Customize your profile URL

3.     Publish, Publish, Publish!

  • Tell visualized stories in stream (short and long form posts)
  •  Join groups and become top contributor
  • Follow relevant news channels and share content
  • Share/cross-link company profile page and posts on twitter, blog, newsletters, printed materials, etc…

A perfect real world example of how this works… I am on LinkedIn at least once a day keeping up with trends, re-posting interesting content, and interacting with other industry professionals. I recently posted an update (short-form) with a NYT article, and received 2 likes from people in my network, 56 views from people in my network, and 32 views from 1st degree connections of the two people who liked the post (a.k.a. second degree connections).  All 88 viewers of my post had the potential to click on my profile and not just learn about me, but also about the companies that I’ve worked for. 


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