What Gets You Up In The Morning?

As I settle in at my desk this early morning I’ve been asked “What gets me up in the morning?” Good question! Other than that pesky alarm and the promise of a great cup of coffee from my treasured coffee maker? (And I do mean treasured!) The answer comes fairly quickly. It is knowing that in some way, this day, this week, or this month, something I communicate through my healthcare advocacy work at Discovery USA may help a patient get connected to care or get the treatment they need.

This is a core part of Advocacy and drives me to think deeply about ways we can better work with our clients, advocates, and their communities. What’s even better is working with community advocates, mostly from the HIV and hepatitis C virus communities, to see their passion firsthand. These dedicated people must often push that big rock up a long hill in order to convince decision-makers that yes, their issues matter. This dedication from advocates, often in the face of seemingly insurmountable barriers inspires me every day. Now, it is time for that second cup of coffee in my favorite mug, on with the day!


Scientific Director
Pacific Northwest pharmacist who knows that patients come first. And that Pacific Northwest is the best. Diehard Seahawks fan.