Fighting for Your Creative Life

Ideas are how we inspire others. We open source our minds. We make real what we dream… Shut up and say something!
— Shane Koyczan

Dispelling any fantasies of sunsets and sandy beaches, this was the opening proclamation at this year's Lions Health festival in the south of France. The purpose of the festival is to celebrate “Life-changing Creativity” but prior to the pomp and circumstance delegates were greeted with an emphatic creative call to arms. A challenge to approach our work armed with curiosity and amazement. To burn bright. To leave our mark. To die empty. 

Any industry professional will attest to the fact that healthcare communications is fraught with regulations and constraints. But as Shane Koyczan, a Canadian poet, so eloquently put the world is full of constraints and those that exist in the world of healthcare communications are no excuse to play it safe. 

His message was clear. And a message heard around the world that day. We must continue to raise the creative standards to which we aspire. We must fight for great ideas. While some may say ignorance is bliss his message should not be misconstrued as a conscious rebellion against conformity. Regulations have been put in place to protect the health and well being of others. Simply, as an industry we can push against the boundaries of constraints or embrace the space that has been defined—and completely re-imagine it.

Ilya Naishuller, a Russian filmmaker and punk band front man continued to reinforce this sentiment of re-imagination with the creation of his new feature film ‘Hardcore’—the first ever action POV shot entirely with a GoPro camera. Early experiments with the GoPro camera produced conventional results featuring aspects of an outdoor sporting adventure. It wasn’t until he challenged popular uses for the personal camera that he uncovered the inspiration for his latest work of art. 

Ilya teaches us that when engaging with new mediums inspiration can be found through the re-imagination of what others have done before us and we should dare to be different. In fact his closing remark, “Dare to be creatively courageous,” was the perfect punctuation to a bold statement of creativity. 


SVP, Executive Creative Director
Strong believer in creativity as a problem-solver. Passionate about uncovering profound human insights. Enthusiastic dad.