Back to Cool: See Where Continuing Ed Can Take You

As if all the back-to-school ads and displays everywhere now aren’t bad enough, you know they basically translate to “summer’s over.” That’s more like “back to reality” for us working stiffs since those school days are gone and the smell of a new pink eraser and freshly sharpened No. 2 pencil will reside in somewhere in our memory next to Pop Rocks and cassette tapes. Grade school, high school, and usually college—attending was a must for us—and once we graduated we could look forward to never being forced into schooling again.

Could it be now, however, that you may long for the positives that came with all that learning? At the very least, we got out smarter than when we started each year, with new skills and abilities solidified and perhaps a new friend or two as a bonus. And compared to some of the long hours we put in at work, those free-wheeling study sessions years ago might look pretty enticing now if we could turn the clock back.

If we follow the motto of Faber College, “Knowledge is good” (and who doesn’t?), then there’s no reason not to try to get smarter every year. In DUSA speak, “Better the brain.” Where to begin looking for continuing education at any age may be the hardest part in the process of settling on an ongoing class or a short-term seminar. We heard from the ELT back in March about the opportunity to sign up for professional development training, but there’s also a world out there with non−work-related education options that can boost our brain power more than we imagined.

Not into learning onsite somewhere and think your laptop would miss you too much? Check out these online options:

Perhaps a specific association in your field or these organizations below has educational events, webinars, or downloadable publications tailored to boost your capabilities:

Perhaps easiest of all is to investigate what your local university or college has to offer with regard to post-grad or noncredit classes. Whatever you choose, you’ll be glad you turned the light back on in that recess of your brain that has been dark since the last day you sat in a classroom. And DUSA will benefit from your bettered brain and juicy schoolyard gossip.

Marci Kayne

Sr. Copy Editor
Believer of learning something new every day, old-school reader of newspapers and hardback books, and devoted human and canine mother.