Bettering the World With the #betterexperiment

We were asked to “Better the Summer” through the #BetterExperiment.  Our team was given 90 minutes to get out and serve the community by handing out food and making people smile.  Granola bars are easy to hand out but we wondered if they would really bring a big grin to people’s faces.  We tossed around some ideas and decided to order treats from Potbelly, because who doesn’t love their oatmeal chocolate chip and sugar cookies! 

Suited up in our grey “Better the World” t-shirts and red sunglasses we headed into downtown Chicago to make people smile.  We successfully handed out 30 cookies and mini bottles of water to the crowds gathered around Daley Plaza and State Street.  Some were unsure and shy about accepting cookies from strangers, especially those taking pictures and video, but once we explained we were out to “Better the World” and brighten their day they were enthusiastic about a delicious cookie.  We received many thanks from the kids, tourists, and Chicago traffic workers, but none more heartfelt than the homeless we were able to provide a snack to.

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