Being Discovery

Today in my new hire meeting, I was told to BE Discovery—and that the culture we are trying to create can only happen if everyone is brave enough to make the effort to be optimistic and open.

It is uplifting to hear these things spoken about in the context of effort. Some of our tenets don't come naturally to all people, but require a little extra. I am one of those people.

I came from a place that was none of these things, and where some of these things were essentially discouraged. Although we regularly collaborated, there was almost no ownership and the sheer lack of culture made things like transparency impossible.

Discovery is so different that at times it would be very easy to feel uncomfortable. But I haven't. It could have been a lot to ask someone as jaded and cynical as I am to turn around that deep-rooted attitude, but it doesn't feel that way. I am asked to BE optimistic and BE honest and BE brave and BE independent and then I am given every opportunity to do just that.

I am not under the delusion that my nature has changed in 13 days, but I am thankful that opportunities have been laid out for me to be able to. And I'm optimistic that I can.




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