The Emotional Power of Audio Branding

The rapidly evolving industry of pharmaceutical advertising may have an opportunity to catch the attention of a viewer through a different sensory receptor: their ears, via an innovative technique called audio branding. 

One thing I love about sound is that it can often communicate a strong sense of emotion, without using any words or imagery. We often see an instrumental tune in the background of an ad, but can this notion be taken a step further to the point of creating an identity with a sound, that a viewer may recognize without the accompaniment of any imagery?

Historically, audio branding been done very successfully in other industries, such as consumer brands, insurance agencies, and fast food chains. It is an idea that takes a long-term commitment to building this auditory language along-side a strong brand identity. Chances are if you see a hamburger with the tagline that says "I'm loving' it", you'll probably hear Justin Timberlake's voice humming that familiar tune in your head.

Marketing has specific hurdles to overcome, such as shortened attention spans, new forms of media outlets, and a growing industry of competitors. One common marketing technique that I have yet to see strongly executed in pharmaceutical advertising is the use of audio branding—but there is an opportunity to be explored here.



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