Why do so many distrust "The Science"? The story continues

Earlier I blogged on a couple of possible phenomena that could contribute to skepticism about science and why reasonable people doubt reason and established fact. I focused on two phenomena: confirmation bias and naïve belief. I would like to add a third concept, that of status quo bias.

Status quo bias is grounded in emotion. Simply stated our current baseline thinking/belief is our point of reference and any change from this baseline is perceived as a loss. Irrational routes to status quo bias include existence bias, mere exposure, loss aversion, and omission bias. These routes, I think, can all be distilled to a core insight: that our current state of thinking is familiar and comfortable and that any change in thinking will lead to less than desirable outcomes. No change is good change.

How does this affect what we do as healthcare marketers? Research has demonstrated that as a decision becomes more difficult to make it becomes easier to fall back on the status quo. When we think of how to change the way a HCP thinks about treating their patients, we need to always remember to keep the reasons to believe concise, simple and clear. By following these basic rules we can lower the status quo barrier.


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