Passion People

In December, the Discovery Chicago office held our First Annual Holiday Bazaar. The original idea was developed by our Print Production Manager, Pat, who believed that all of the creative brain power in the office from 9-5 (or 6 or 7), must also be used outside the office in other creative pursuits. So she invited all of the Chicago employees to share their creative extracurricular activities with their co-workers. On the day of the Bazaar, 8 of us set-up our wares on a group of tables during lunchtime.

What first struck me was the range of hidden talent on display in that little conference room. There were a wide variety of offerings—from bracelets, earrings, wallets, and hair accessories to skin care products, handmade books and prints, and pencil holders. And the participating artists and entrepreneurs represented all of the departments: creative, account management, production, and project management.

The bigger take away for me was the passion of the people in that room. Sure we had made some cool stuff, but that stuff was made in the limited hours before and after a full workday. It was a room full of problem solvers, who took it upon themselves to make a better this, or a more functional, healthy or beautiful that. People who are infinitely more interesting, caring, and motivated than any title on a business card could suggest. That’s the people we choose to come to work with everyday. That’s Discovery. In this New Year, I’m anxious to see what we will build and create together.



Art Supervisor

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