Values & Culture Aren't Just Words on a Page

For many companies and agencies, corporate culture and values are words that simply live on a wall or a website. At Discovery Worldwide, our values are so central to the organization that we actively look at our candidates for their alignment and embodiment of these values during the hiring process. We firmly believe that “good people bring out the good in people,” and that starts from the first beginning when our teammates, whether they be a 15+ year veteran or a recent grad, walk through the office door. 

As a whole, we are a healthcare communications agency that combines the power of science, storytelling and innovative delivery to move health forward.  


Optimism, Ownership, Collaboration, Transparency and Courage are the five values that guide all of Discovery’s work and employee programs.  From team work to freely sharing creative information to being courageous in their approach, these are values that Discovery lives by.  From Chicago to Philadelphia, our culture and values are consistent memorable through daily interactions that bring them to life, as well as strategically placed on office walls and swag, like mousepads. 

To ensure that Discovery employees are walking the walk, we’ve even created a peer-based recognition program, DWW Salutes You, for living the values. The program includes… 

  • On-The-Spot recognition in meetings:  Employees “shout out” those who are living the values.  Those celebrated receive a Starbucks gift card. 

  • L.O.V.E. (Living Our Values Everyday) Week: A weeklong celebration of Discovery employee culture and values.  Activities include: Dress like a Value Contest, DWW Feud, a fun game show quizzing employees on their knowledge of the values, DWW Department Fair, an opportunity to learn what everyone at the agency does. 

  • Hiring for Values: Discovery actively screens candidates through interviews and assessments for traits/values such as Optimism (problem solving), Courage (risk taking) and Collaboration (team work), etc. 

  • Appreciation. Applause. Adoration: Discovery believes that they better the world by living their values every day.  For those who demonstrate the value system, Discovery colleagues recognize them.  Stickers, notes of thanks and KIND bars are handed out to those who deserve praise.  Colleagues nominate individuals monthly who exemplify a specific value and they are entered to win a prize.  Lastly, a bi-annual event is held where two individuals who live and breathe Discovery values on a daily basis are recognized and receive a generous cash prize. 

As you can see, values are more than just a piece of paper at Discovery – we strive to live them in and outside of the work that we do. Care to learn more? Follow us @DWWHealth on social media.