> Brand Activation

Everything we deliver is deeply rooted in the triggers that make us human, creating undeniable brand experiences that transcend channels and build trust and loyalty over time.

-       Brand strategy

-       Insight-driven creative

-       Digital innovation

> Medical Communications

Our staff of highly credentialed scientific gurus uncover insights and turn them into sound scientific stories that help to elevate the clinical conversation.

-       Medical insight, strategy and writing

-       Competitive intelligence and deep data dives

-       KOL relationship management

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> Advocacy

We inspire active connections out in the world and on the ground to help make a true difference in patients’ lives.

-       Advocacy strategy

-       Policy and public affairs

-       Awareness and education

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Science isn’t just the foundation of medicine, it’s the foundation of Discovery USA. Our in-house scientific experts help ensure everyone on the brand team has the right foundational insights to set the course for success.


Now what to do with all that science? We make it meaningful through the power of story. Compelling narratives capture the imagination, create immersive experiences, and change behaviors.




Communications don’t click if you don’t know what makes your audience tick. It’s all about connecting the influencers and helping ensure that they all speak the same language. After all, they’re the ones who will be making the decisions that will move health forward.


We care a lot about what we do, but that doesn't mean we're blind to the tedium, the delays, the red tape. There's only one thing that ensures we stay focused on delivering the best work possible day in and day out - the common desire to better the world.