VP, Group Creative Director

Job Number: DIS000401

“Neurons that fire together, wire together.” 
That’s how it works at Discovery, where big thinking builds camaraderie. From divergent thinking to bold creative, Discovery wants to see how you unpack a problem and solve it in unexpected ways.
As VP, Group Creative Director, you won’t just be in charge of the Philadelphia Creative group, you’ll be part of a leadership team hellbent on bolstering the creative reputation of Discovery, inside and out of the Publicis Health network. 
There’s a lot expected of the VP, GCD. So much so, that it’s silly to bullet it all out in a formal job description. So let’s focus on the priorities. The rest will follow.

We need you to:

  • Inspire a positive creative culture
  • Develop the next generation of leaders
  • Grow business organically 
  • Pitch and win new business
  • Be amazing in a room
  • Collaborate up, down, and all around
  • Flex between directing and writing
  • Be business-savvy

We need you to have:

  • 10 + years of creative copy expertise, preferably in an agency setting, both inside and out of healthcare
  • A proven track record of pitching and winning new business
  • Demonstrated leadership and understanding of the responsibilities of an upper management position
  • The availability to travel to meet client and agency needs
  • The availability and commitment to work extra hours as needed to ensure client satisfaction

If you think you fit the bill after all of this, great. One last gut check. We don’t want a big ego, but we do want the talent to back one up. If you think you’ll be able to stand out while also fitting in, stop reading and start communicating. 

We’ve committed to establishing an entirely new standard of excellence in our industry — one that sets a new bar for creativity. We’ve got a lot to do together. Let’s get started.