After the tissue session, we were asked to demonstrate our capabilities relevant to the Emicizumab digital business with a focus on social media, patient CRM, patient adherence programs, HCP RM, consumer and HCP web and media. This page outlines our approach to managing work in each of these areas, as well as how it can be best tailored to drive measureable results for Emicizumab.

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Digital Experiences with Purpose

People with hemophilia A (PWHa) and their caregivers are generally knowledgeable about the disease state, available products, treatment advancements, and industry's involvement with their community. Therefore, engagement with CRM, social media, and other digital channels is particularly high. It is critical that new brands for PWHa use technology in ways to support adherence and track bleeds.

Expectations are high for the Emicizumab digital presence. Competitors in the hemophilia A space are already using digital channels to engage the audience in patient support services, event attendance, CRM registration, and company initiatives. In addition, valuable product information is abundant online. Roche-Genentech must leverage the fact that the hemophilia A community is accustomed to engaging with existing brands in these ways. Impactful digital ecosystems present a highly valuable opportunity to present relevant messages at key points in the patient/parent journey.

Multilayered conversation is necessary to drive product switch, adherence, and long-term loyalty.  To be successful, Emicizumab's digital footprint must be authentic, relevant, personal, and progressive by delivering mutual value and promising multi-faceted conversations.

Key ACQUISITION strategies:

  • Create brand and company presence
  • Foster an emotional connection
  • Clearly communicate product benefits and value adds
  • Present social proof


  • Provide an easy product onboarding
  • Maintain easy adherence
  • Continue an open dialogue / maintain a sense of partnership
  • Shift content from product to company focus on company communications


Below is an example of how we map out a
patient and HCP Multi-Channel Experience

Patient Journey-01.png

Social Media That Stands Out

With millions of brands out there just adding to the social clutter, we believe we must stand out and truly ignite conversation. We do that by knowing the difference between talking at people and talking with them. By identifying the things that matter to our audience and creating content that is both unique and unexpected, we’re able to reach people on a deeper level and engage in dialogue that goes beyond likes and followers. Check out the video below that explains how we helped a brand in the oncology space do just that.

Social Goals for Emicizumab:

  • Exceed industry benchmarks in reach and engagement
  • Integrate into the digital ecosystem so that we drive CRM registration and websites and promote social media through other digital channels


  • Reach 38,334
  • Total Engagement: 2,572
  • Previous Engagement (Prior to us): ~12


  • Reach 59,275
  • Total Engagement: 4,891
  • Previous Engagement (Prior to us): ~82

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Patient CRM That Engages

Knowing your customer is going to be interacting with your brand or product in different channels and different ways, with different knowledge and motivations–it is vital in today's market to ensure you are connecting the story for them, and creating an integrated brand experience–no matter where they are in their journey.

The approach we take to design a customer relationship requires a mapping of their journey, unmet needs and insights, so we can customize our communications to fill the gaps and address their needs. Our holistic view utilizes all channels to inform our content, so we can make sure every interaction with the brand is received, valued, and engaging. 

The CRM strategy and execution for Emicizumab must be on point. It's a vital opportunity to engage and activate PWHa.


Being the Guide in Your Patient Adherence Programs

The benefits of Emicizumab can only be truly recognized with full adherence. With today’s technology and existing community expectations, Roche-Genentech has the opportunity to make adhering easy. Adherence reminders–and reinforcement of what "feeling above the trough" feels like–should come from smart phone apps, text, and email campaigns.

At Discovery, we have deep experience and understanding in how to create meaningful, impactful adherence strategies that leverage known customer behaviors and platforms–like apps and other digital tools–to ensure we keep our customers engaged.


HCP Site Design Built for The Modern Web

To demonstrate our philosophy and capability in engaging your physician customers online, let us tell you a case study:

When a new indication for FASLODEX—a 14-year-old brand that struggled with differentiation from its many competitors—was approved, it was a revolutionary development for the brand. FASLODEX had long been trusted as a monotherapy, but was now moving into the future of metastatic breast cancer management as a combination therapy. To announce this exciting development to the oncology community, we knew we needed to go big. We had a compelling new campaign at our disposal and a new indication to champion to HCPs across the country. A total website overhaul was the answer.

We knew it wasn’t enough to just say that the FASLODEX brand had been reinvigorated. We needed to show it with a sleek, dynamic website that brought the campaign to the forefront—unlike the old website. In our new design, the iconic FASLODEX “Performance” dancers grace most main navigation pages, accompanying efficacy and safety data as a crucial part of an elegant, responsive design. The fully modernized FASLODEX HCP website is more than just a place for HCPs to learn about FASLODEX.

Website mockup.gif

HCP Relationship Marketing That Connects

Hematologists are invested in their patients' treatment outcomes. There's also a need to educate them on a new treatment paradigm. We must provide hematologists with content customized for increased relevance. A few ways to do this include:

  • Rep delivered emails and direct mails to help ensure communications are both personal and relevant
  • Digital sites that promote forums for two way communication between Roche/Genentech and HTCs and among HTCs
  • Multilayered ecosystem will promote ease of connection and education and maintain trust and loyalty
  • Non-personal CRM to further engage an interested audience


Discovery is energized by your vision and the potential to make a real impact on the lives of those affected by hemophilia A. We aspire to be your partner that helps to chart the path towards how to best bring the benefits of Emicizumab to the community, but also develop and enable the tools that deliver an ongoing relationship and experience with the brand.  

When we do all of this, in partnership with you, we will ensure Emicizumab achieves its full potential and unlocks its Purpose.

Your Discovery Worldwide Emicizumab Team