We want to work with people whose mission overlaps with ours.

The desire to transform lives. It’s the single most important criteria we look for when pursuing partnerships. It’s this shared passion to make a real difference that forms the foundation of the lasting partnerships we build.

When we’re aligned in our missions, we push together. We grow together. And winning together, reinforces why we got into this business in the first place.

At Discovery, we specialize in delivering transformative experiences in the following areas:


The numbers may be small. But the need is enormous. With advocacy, advertising, medical communications, and speaker programs under one brand strategy, our impact is great.

At Discovery USA, specialty is our specialty. With a deep heritage as leaders in high-science communications, we have an unmatched batch of brains all steeped in the specialty space.


Have a new vision for health care? A fresh take on a disease state? With integrated offerings, you have everything you need to define your company—but only when you need it.


"It's this shared passion to make a real difference that forms the foundation of the lasting partnerships we build."


Here are a few companies committed to bettering the world: