Hold your values near and dear

As a set of guiding principles, a company’s values say so much about how it behaves internally and externally. At DUSA, we auditioned a thousand and one ways to define this code of ethics. And here’s what made the final cut:

A value that goes to the heart of our business. The belief that we can make a positive change in the world every day we walk into work. It’s also a handy way to keep ourselves pushing forward for the best solutions even when we’re presented with the stingiest of constraints.

At first glance, a rudimentary expectation. But this isn’t just about working together. It’s about leveraging the broad swathes of expertise that make up our interdisciplinary brand teams. It’s about ensuring a holistic approach for your brand. It’s about finding the sweet spot between integration and influence.


Hand in hand with collaboration, transparency means dissolving the walls between silos. Speaking truth to power. Sharing information in all its forms with all the right stakeholders. And being nakedly honest in the toughest of conversations with our favorite people in the world: our clients.

This place ain’t about hierarchy. It’s about understanding the intrinsic value that each of us brings no matter our place in the organization. Having a clear understanding of our roles and responsibilities. Owning that s*$! and helping others do the same.

The path of least resistance won’t get you very far. That’s why we refuse to shy away from the toughest of marketing challenges. And why we work with our clients to recognize that comfort zones are actually limiting factors. If you’re always feeling at ease, chances are you’re not taking chances. And that’s how the magic happens.


It is fundamentally impossible to separate the culture of a company from the work that it creates.


A cause for celebration

At Discovery USA, we’ve made it our mission to make the world a better place. Through the work we do. The brands we build. And the relationships we forge. And while many of those relationships are forged by the fire of hard work, we never lose sight of the importance of surprise and delight.

That’s why we believe in random acts of ice cream. We believe in happy hours and happier weekends. We believe in our Managing Director’s weird, bald cat. We believe in stocking the fridge. We believe that the hallways should be alive with energy and laughter and music. Ultimately, we believe that every one of our people should be fulfilled in personal, professional, and profound ways.

More than just a mantra

Bettering the world is more than just the work that we do for our clients. We volunteer time, donate money, create pro bono art, grow hideous, malformed mustaches for Movember, run in 5KS (or cheer from the sidelines), dump ice on our heads, smash pies in our faces, serve on the boards of charitable organizations, speak out, speak up, and make healthy contributions in every way possible.