The simple act of doing great work can make the world a better place.

This is our heart-on-sleeve moment.

Discovery USA is a dedicated community of experts–strategic and creative, scientific and analytic. And behind every brain is a force called feeling that guides everything we do.

It’s the feeling you get when you roll up your sleeves in the middle of a launch. When the gas is gone, but the engine’s still running. When you know you’ve got someone’s back. And a hundred other someones have yours.


“…what you’re working on today will have a profound effect tomorrow.”

It’s the feeling that what you’re working on today will have a profound effect tomorrow. The feeling that the difference you’re making out there is changing what you can do in here. That what you’re doing every day is what helps you sleep at night. It’s that feeling that connects all of us. Our clients. Our people. The hardworking health care workers of the world. That sense of possibility that we all feel when something special is hovering just in front of us.

It’s the feeling of discovery.